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Todd Pinkham and Andrew Meyer, co-owners of Vermont Soy in Hardwick, VT, began selling fresh organic soymilk in 2007. Vermont Soy's product line has since diversified to include artisan tofu, with more local and organic soy foods soon to come.

Todd Pinkham cultivated an interest in value-added agricultural products specific to Vermont as an undergraduate at Johnson State College. With market demand for soy foods steadily increasing, Todd furthered his studies at the University of Vermont with food functional scientist Dr. Guo. Dr. Guo, who came to teach at UVM from China, taught Todd how to craft authentic tasting soy foods. These time honored and traditional processing techniques, combined with Todd's passion for premium-quality, fresh, organic, and local ingredients, is the essence of Vermont Soy's product line.

Andrew Meyer, who grew up on a Hardwick dairy farm, believes in creating healthy food systems that support local economies and sustainable agriculture. Andrew furthered his passion and dedication to family farms as an undergrad at the University of Vermont, as well as through his work on agricultural policy with U.S. Senator James Jeffords. Old friends with a new vision, Todd and Andrew decided to join forces. They created Vermont Soy, a business dedicated to buying organic non-GMO beans locally, and processing these beans into healthy, authentic tasting soy foods.

In collaboration with the University of Vermont Extensions Program and The Center for an Agricultural Economy, Vermont Soy continues to embrace a healthy food system.

180 Junction Road
PO Box 401
Hardwick, VT 05843
Tel: 802.472.8500
Fax: 802.472.5227

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