Frequently Asked Questions

What is tofu?

Tofu is the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese “doufu,” which is the product of soybeans. The soaked, ground, and cooked soybean is divided into liquid and solids. The liquid, or soymilk, is then again separated into “curds” (tofu) and “whey” by an added coagulant. The curds/tofu is sold in many different forms and water content usually determines the type of product.  Vermont Soy produces firm-style Artisan Tofu, where most of the water has been pressed out of the soy curds making it firm to the touch.

For more information on the history of tofu, check out this link: http://www.soyinfocenter.com/chronologies_of_soyfoods-tofu.php

Where is Vermont Soy Tofu made?
Vermont Soy Tofu is made in our building located in Hardwick Vermont.

What different types of tofu do you have?
We currently produce firm-style Artisan Tofu made from Vermont-grown, organic, and non-gmo Soybeans. 

Where can I buy Vermont Soy products?
Call us: 802-472-8500 and we will be happy to help you find our products.

Are the products gluten-free?
Yes, our tofu is gluten-free.

Do any of your products contain nuts or process anything containing nuts in your facility?
No nuts or nut products are processed in our facility.

Are Vermont Soy products kosher?
Yes. We are certified kosher.

Can tofu be frozen?
Tofu can be frozen, but the texture will change. When tofu is frozen it becomes more porous and can absorb marinades faster and more evenly. The texture of the tofu changes to a more chewy state; some people find this new texture pleasant and some do not.

Is it ok to eat expired tofu?
If you purchased our product with the date already expired we recommend you return it unopened. If after you buy the tofu the date goes out open, smell, and examine the product. The tofu will taste sour. We do not recommend eating products that have begun to spoil. Once the tofu package is opened you can change the water frequently to help extend its life.

Do I need to keep the Tofu?
Yes. Generally if a product is sold refrigerated it needs to stay refrigerated. The closer to 32 degrees a product stays the longer it will last.

How long does Vermont Soy Tofu last after opening?
The average life after opening is five days. You can help the tofu by submerging the unused tofu in water and changing the water as often as possible.

What is the shelf life?
Once made, our tofu will last approximately thirty-five days.

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